Easy to use online tennis court booking software

Open Active is a web platform built to enable tennis club members to easily self manage their court schedule.

Booking Software Features

We’ve packed the easiest-ever online tennis court booking software
with an extensive range of features. We reserve the right to add and remove features as we see fit.


Add Club Branding


Set Court Availability


Schedule Coaching


Custom Scheduling Rules




Court Booking


Membership Management


Non-Member Payments

Coming Soon

Unlimited bookings


Custom URL


Booking Admins

Our Clubs

For the last 5 years, we’ve collaborated with Constantia Tennis Club to
create the perfect court booking system. Quick to setup, easy to use, and flexible for any club.

We are proud to say we have since signed up 9 clubs and are continually improving the experience.


Choose the services you need for your club.

Booking Platform

Small Club = R150 per month
Medium Club = R225 per month
Large Club = R300 per month

Member Manager Module

Small Club = R150 per month
Medium Club = R225 per month
Large Club = R300 per month

Website Module

Mini Site = R75 per month
Complete Site = R150 per month

Emailers Module

1 - 3 Mailers = R100 per month
4 - 10 Mailers = R200 per month

Guest Payments

5% of Fees gathered
Payout Monthly

Annual payment come be done at 5% Discount.
Small Club = 1 - 3 courts | Medium Club = 4 - 7 courts | Large Club = 8 or more courts

How it works

View a quick guide video of the basics of booking with Open Active.

Sign Up for a Free Trial

We’ll load your members, setup your courts and your schedule for free. This will let you see exactly how it works, what it will look like for your members on your laptop or mobile and give you the full experience before you sign up. You will 100% be able to manage your courts yourself going forward but we will also be available 24/7 for customer support.